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Fig. 8

From: Cerium dioxide nanoparticles exacerbate house dust mite induced type II airway inflammation

Fig. 8

RNA-Seq analysis after single CeO2NPs and HDM exposure. Mice (n = 5 per treatment group) were exposed to HDM (1.25 mg/kg) alone or in combination with CeO2NPs at the higher dose (CeHD) (750 μg/kg) for 24 h. Total lung mRNA was isolated and Truseq library prepared prior to 90PE sequencing analysis. RPKM normalised counts were analysed for statistically differentially regulated transcripts between all exposure groups using Qlucore software (p < 0.005) using a 2 fold cut-off. Significantly regulated transcripts were visualised as a heatmap of normalised RPKM values (a). Regulated transcripts induced by HDM were analysed for pathway association using IPA analysis with results displayed as statistically ranked associations (b). Selected transcript expression is shown as mean ± SEM fold over control RPKM values (c). Statistical significance between treatments was assessed using one way ANOVA. Comparisons between control (CTRL) and HDM treatments are represented as (* p < 0.05), while HDM vs HDM + CeHD are represented as (# p < 0.05). The most highly regulated transcripts by HDM + CeHD over HDM levels are displayed (d)

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