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Table 1 Most frequent ingested engineered materials and nanomaterials (iENM) used in foods together with products and their concentrations, as reported in the literature

From: Ingested engineered nanomaterials: state of science in nanotoxicity testing and future research needs

Nanomaterial Commercial products Concentration References
Titanium dioxide Dickinson’s Coconut Curd
Hostess Powdered Donut
Kool Aid Blue Raspberry
M&Ms. Chocolate Candy
3.59 μg Ti/mg
2.42 μg Ti/mg
1.69 μg Ti/mg
1.25 μg Ti/mg
Silicon dioxide Multivitamins
Instant noodles tandoori
Taco seasoning mix
6.4 μg Si/mg
6.0 μg Si/mg
5.3 μg Si/mg
Zinc oxide Breakfast cereals
Nutrition drinks
Nutrition bars
Not available [146]
Iron oxides Capsules
Fish and crustacean paste
Sauces (excluding tomato-based sauces)
Not available [147]
Silver Sovereign Silver
Nanoceuticals Silver 22
Advanced Colloidal Silver
10 μg Ag/mL
20 μg Ag/mL
22 μg Ag/mL
20 μg Ag/mL
Natural Immunogenics Corp.
Purest Colloids, Inc.
RBC Life Sciences®, Inc.
Utopia Silver Supplements