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Fig. 4

From: Phosphonate coating of SiO2 nanoparticles abrogates inflammatory effects and local changes of the lipid composition in the rat lung: a complementary bioimaging study

Fig. 4

Correlation of nanoparticle distribution and local PI overexpression. Cryo-section 3 d post instillation of SiO2-FITC NPs. a Fluorescence overview image visualizing the principal distribution of NPs mainly located in alveolar macrophages. b MALDI-MS ion image of PI (34:1) ([M-H]) in a parallel tissue section (bordered by a dashed line). The fine dotted lines demarcate seven main areas of PI overexpression. These areas were transferred to the fluorescence image in (a) to show the co-localization with FITC fluorescence. Large blood vessels and bronchioli show strong autofluorescence, but no PI signal

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