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Fig. 6

From: Phosphonate coating of SiO2 nanoparticles abrogates inflammatory effects and local changes of the lipid composition in the rat lung: a complementary bioimaging study

Fig. 6

MALDI-MS ion images showing the local distribution of TAG and DAG-like molecules in a SiO2-FITC laden rat lung. Cryo-section from an animal 3 d after intratracheal instillation of 0.36 mg SiO2-FITC NPs. Ion images of a m/z 605.7 from DAG-like fragment (36:1) as [M–H2O + H]+ detected in the positive ion mode, c m/z 964.0 assumed to be TAG (60:5), d m/z (968.0) assumingly from TAG (60:3). b Relevant section of the average MALDI-MS spectrum (negative ion mode) of the analysis of the rat lung tissue shown in (c and d)

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