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Table 1 Genes encoding molecular markers of the Caco-2/HT29 barrier, and analysed by RT-qPCR

From: Effects of differently shaped TiO2NPs (nanospheres, nanorods and nanowires) on the in vitro model (Caco-2/HT29) of the intestinal barrier

Gene Identification Encoded protein name Function
ALPI Intestinal alkaline phosphatase Digestive brush-border enzyme. Detoxification of lipopolysaccharides
SI Sucrase-isomaltase Digestion of dietary carbohydrates including starch, sucrase and isomaltase
SLC15A1 Solute carrier family 15 member 1 Intestinal hydrogen peptide cotransporter. Uptake of di- and tri-peptides from the lumen and into enterocytes
ZO-1 Zonula occludens-1 Tight junction adaptor protein that also regulates adherent junctions.
OCLN Occludin Integral membrane protein. Required for cytokine-induced regulation of the tight junction paracellular permeability barrier.
CLDN2 Claudin-2 Claudin proteins are identified as major integral membrane proteins, localized exclusively at tight junctions in the intestine.