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Table 2 General characteristics of the study subjects

From: Cardiovascular and inflammatory mechanisms in healthy humans exposed to air pollution in the vicinity of a steel mill

Participant Characteristics Median
Age (year) (5th- 95th percentile) 23.0 (18–34)
Sex, female/male (number) 28/24
Body Mass Index (kg/m2) (5th- 95th percentile) 25.3 (19.6–35.5)
Ethnicity, Caucasian/other (number) 44/8
Baseline Systolic Blood Pressure (mmHg) (5th - 95thpercentile) 106.5 (92.5–128.5)
Baseline Diastolic Blood Pressure (mmHg) (5th- 95th percentile) 68.0 (57.9–85.9)
Baseline Heart Rate (bpm) (5th- 95th percentile) 73.2 (58.4–92)