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Table 6 Comparison of target biomarker levels after the Bayview site (“without” mask) vs Bayview site (“with” mask) exposures

From: Cardiovascular and inflammatory mechanisms in healthy humans exposed to air pollution in the vicinity of a steel mill

Comparison IL-1β
Ratio (95% CI)
Ratio (95% CI)
Plasma BET-1
Ratio (95% CI)
Bayview Ambient vs
Bayview Mask
1.061 (1.012, 1.112)* 1.153 (1.027, 1.294)* 1.135 (0.959, 1.344)+
  1. *p < 0.05; +p < 0.1(not significant, trend only)
  2. Note: Covariates: Treatment period, carry over, age, sex, BMI, atmospheric pressure, temperature, relative humidity