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Fig. 2

From: Silver nanoparticles promote procoagulant activity of red blood cells: a potential risk of thrombosis in susceptible population

Fig. 2

Comparison of effects of AgNP and AgMP on human RBCs. After RBCs were treated with distilled water (DW; control), various concentrations of AgNP and AgMP for 4 h, (a) hemolysis was evaluated at 540 nm (n = 4). b, c RBCs were treated with 100 μg/mL of AgNP and AgMP for 4 h, and examined using confocal microscope (n = 4) and scanning electron microscope (n = 4), respectively. d Concentration- (n = 8) and (e) time- dependent increase of PS exposure (n = 4) as well as (f) MV generation by AgNP and AgMP were all measured using flow cytometry (n = 8). Values are mean ± S.E. of 4-8 independent experiments, * represents significant differences from control group (p < 0.05). Scale bars (b, c): 5 μm

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