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Table 2 Top ten pathways showing significantly altered transcription as identified by Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (Qiagen). Arrows indicate expression in DE samples compared to FA

From: In utero exposure to diesel exhaust is associated with alterations in neonatal cardiomyocyte transcription, DNA methylation and metabolic perturbation

Ingenuity Canonical Pathway p-value Molecules
Mitochondrial L-carnitine Shuttle Pathway 2.14E-06 Slc27a1, Acsl1, Cpt1A, Cpt2, Cpt1B
Fatty Acid β-oxidation 3.47E-06 Slc27a1, Acaa2, Acsl1, Hadha, Eci2, Hadhb
AMPK Signaling 4.68E-06 Mlycd, Adra1B, Pik3r3, Cpt1A, Acacb, Lipe, Cpt2, Cpt1B
Adra2a, Ccnd1, Pfkl, Slc2a1
Cell Cycle Control of Chromosomal Replication 2.51E-05 Cdc45, Mcm2, Mcm3, Mcm6, Mcm5
LPS/IL-1 Mediated Inhibition of RXR Function 4.17E-05 Slc27a1, Hmgcs2, Aldh9a1, Acsl1, Ppargc1b, Fabp3, Cat, Cpt1A, Cpt2, Cpt1B
Chst12, Fabp5
GADD45 Signaling 1.00E-04 Ccne1, Ccnd1, Pcna, Cdk1
Hepatic Fibrosis / Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation 1.70E-04 A2m, Igfbp4, Pgf, Col27a1, Col5a3, Igfbp3, Col1a1, Ccl21
Fgf1, Myh6
Ketogenesis 2.57E-04 Hmgcs2, Hadha, Hadhb
Estrogen-mediated S-phase Entry 2.57E-04 Ccne1, Ccnd1, E2f1, Cdk1
Oleate Biosynthesis II (Animals) 5.89E-04 Scd4