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Table 5 Top ten pathways with altered DNA methylation. All molecules listed have shown decreased methylation in the associated DMRs

From: In utero exposure to diesel exhaust is associated with alterations in neonatal cardiomyocyte transcription, DNA methylation and metabolic perturbation

Ingenuity Canonical Pathway p-value Molecules
Cardiac Hypertrophy Signaling 0.002 Map3k9, Gnas, Adra2c, Gng12
Gαs Signaling 0.002 Rapgef2, Gnas, Gng12
G Protein Signaling Mediated by Tubby 0.003 Gnas, Gng12
Gαi Signaling 0.003 Gnas, Adra2c, Gng12
Cardiac β-adrenergic Signaling 0.004 Gnas, Gng12, Pde6h
Relaxin Signaling 0.004 Gnas, Gng12, Pde6h
Ephrin Receptor Signaling 0.008 Epha7, Gnas, Gng12
CCR5 Signaling in Macrophages 0.012 Gnas, Gng12
Ephrin B Signaling 0.013 Gnas, Gng12
Protein Kinase A Signaling 0.014 Ptpru, Gnas, Gng12, Pde6h