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Table 4 Fractional contribution of [48V]TiO2-NP absorbed in the GIT to the retention in secondary organs and tissues

From: Quantitative biokinetics over a 28 day period of freshly generated, pristine, 20 nm titanium dioxide nanoparticle aerosols in healthy adult rats after a single two-hour inhalation exposure

  GIT-absorbed NP fraction after NP gavage [23] Estimated NP fraction of GIT-absorption cleared from lungs Ratio: GIT-absorb. NP over measured fractions after NP inhalation
2nd organs 24 h 7d 24 h 7d 24 h 7d
liver 1.27E-04 2.26E-05 1.21E-07 4.62E-08 4.53E-03 5.67E-03
spleen 3.19E-05 1.16E-05 1.68E-09 2.37E-09 2.50E-04 5.65E-04
kidneys 3.82E-05 2.30E-05 2.74E-08 3.19E-08 3.42E-03 3.86E-03
heart 7.96E-05 4.89E-06 2.78E-09 2.24E-10 1.66E-04 1.27E-04
brain 1.01E-05 2.38E-05 7.66E-11 1.12E-09 3.59E-05 1.31E-04
uterus 2.44E-05 4.37E-05 1.43E-09 3.61E-09 2.77E-04 2.29E-04
carcass 8.07E-04 2.88E-04 5.82E-06 4.51E-06 3.42E-02 4.34E-02
skeleton 4.39E-04 8.96E-04 1.87E-06 7.09E-06 2.02E-02 2.20E-02
soft tissue 4.58E-04 5.00E-06 1.40E-06 3.86E-08 1.45E-02 2.15E-02
  1. Mean values of GIT-absorbed fractions after [48V]TiO2-NP gavage in the left two columns at 24 h or 7 days were taken from [23]. Estimated contribution of GIT-absorption of [48V]TiO2-NP cleared from lungs were calculated by multiplying the mean values of [48V]TiO2-NP cleared after 24 h by MCC into the GIT and the sum of all [48V]TiO2-NP which had entered the GIT within the first 7 days p.e. (Table 2) and the fraction in the according left column of the Table 4. These are shown in the middle columns of Table 4. The ratios of GIT-absorbed [48V]TiO2-NP at 24 h or 7 days divided by the mean values of the measured organ or tissue fractions of Table 3 after [48V]TiO2-NP inhalation are presented in the right columns of Table 4. These ratios confirm the rather low contribution of GIT-absorbed [48V]TiO2-NP to the measured accumulation of each secondary organ or tissue in Table 3