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Fig. 3

From: Surface PEGylation suppresses pulmonary effects of CuO in allergen-induced lung inflammation

Fig. 3

Differential gene expression analysis. a Heat map of top 500 differentially expressed genes (linear FC > |1.5|, adjusted P value < 0.05) in each analyzed lung tissue sample of PBS- and OVA-challenged mice exposed to CuO nanomaterials by oropharyngeal aspiration (2.5, 10 and 40 μg/mouse). Z-score normalized log2 intensity values were used as input for hierarchical clustering. Red color indicates a higher expression while green refers to a lower expression. b Numbers of total, up-regulated, down-regulated and exclusively differentially expressed genes (DEGs; linear FC > |1.5|, adjusted P value < 0.05) in lung tissue after exposure to CuO nanomaterials of PBS- and OVA-challenged mice versus the corresponding control mice. c UpSet plots showing 20 largest intersections of DEGs that are either specific to a treatment or shared between experimental groups among PBS and OVA-challenged mice. The upper bar chart indicates the number of DEGs in each intersection

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