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Fig. 4

From: Surface PEGylation suppresses pulmonary effects of CuO in allergen-induced lung inflammation

Fig. 4

General profiling of canonical pathways and biological processes in PBS-challenged mice after CuO, CuO COOH and CuO NH3 exposure. Experimental groups of exposed PBS-challenged mice were merged based on the test material, and their transcriptomic profiles were compared against the one of PBS-challenged controls. a A Venn distribution of the number of DEGs (linear FC > |1.5|, adjusted P value < 0.05) in lungs of PBS-challenged mice exposed to CuO nanomaterials by oropharyngeal aspiration (2.5, 10 and 40 μg/mouse). b A heat map showing the activation z-scores of IPA canonical pathways filtered with z-score > 2 and -log(P value) > 2 across the materials. c Venn comparison of significantly enriched biological processes (adjusted P value < 0.05) obtained from analyses of DEG sets shown in (a). d 17 biological processes were commonly enriched by DEGs from the CuO, CuO COOH and CuO NH3 exposures

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