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Table 2 The administration procedure of mice

From: Iron oxide nanoparticles induce reversible endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition in vascular endothelial cells at acutely non-cytotoxic concentrations

Group Intragastrical administration (100 μL) intravenous injection (100 μL)
Control saline saline
PSC-Fe2O3 saline 4 mg/mL PSC-Fe2O3
PSC-Fe2O3 + AA 40 mg/mL AA 4 mg/mL PSC-Fe2O3
PSC-Fe2O3 + mannitol saline 4 mg/mL PSC-Fe2O3 + 5.87 mg/mL mannitol
  1. Note: saline was 0.9% sodium chloride