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Table 3 Tracing the determinants of lung inflammation induced by LIB particles after 2 months

From: HIF-1α is a key mediator of the lung inflammatory potential of lithium-ion battery particles

  Correlation coefficient p-value
LDH 0.183 0.195
HIF-1α 0.311 0.025
Co content 0.245 0.080
Ni content 0.065 0.270
Bioaccessible Co −0.020 0.886
Bioaccessible Ni 0.035 0.806
Ni + Co content 0.480 0.0003
Bioaccessible Ni + Co 0.445 0.0004
  1. Bivariate analysis (Pearson correlation) between the inflammatory cell recruitment, selected as marker of lung inflammation and HIF-1α, LDH activity, the particle Ni and/or Co content (μg) or the amount of Ni and/or Co ions (μg) released. Inflammatory cell recruitment was assessed in the BAL, HIF-1α (μg/ml) was measured in lung homogenates, LDH activity (iU/l) in BALF. Co and/or Ni contents were calculated from the administered doses and from the Co and/or Ni % of the particles. Bioaccessible Co and/or Ni represent the amount of bioaccessible ions, calculated from the Co/Ni contained in the administered doses and the % released at pH 4.2 at day 30. Significant relationships are identified in bold