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Table 2 Size characterization of SAS in stock suspensions and exposure media (for HBE, Caco2 and THP-1) using DLS

From: Is aggregated synthetic amorphous silica toxicologically relevant?

DE-AGGR0 h2640.332280.352250.342280.36
24 h2600.322330.3712750.282260.42
AGGR0 h10,0400.9032120.7243210.8235660.97
24 h12,3740.8830590.8016370.4626880.75
SuperN0 h39530.9445070.8745000.8945070.95
24 h36611.0038510.8322330.8538660.95
PREC0 h33320.9011010.8513700.8315610.93
24 h43290.969570.8813760.829550.91
  1. Freshly prepared stock suspensions were diluted to 100 μg/mL in different exposure media (without serum) and, hydrodynamic sizes (Z-avg) and polydispersity index (PDI) were measured directly and after 24 h (incubated at 37 °C)