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Table 2 Size characterization of TiO2 in stock and exposure media (HBE,Caco2 and THP-1) using DLS

From: Agglomeration of titanium dioxide nanoparticles increases toxicological responses in vitro and in vivo

RPMI 1640
17 nm-SA0 h6000.346700.276300.3111400.18
24 h6000.358500.2415800.2810350.22
17 nm-LA0 h9000.429000.278700.3013500.30
24 h8000.409800.2015460.2413300.25
117 nm-SA0 h2800.186900.195470.1810100.18
24 h2900.197500.2011450.409000.18
117 nm-LA0 h5800.366300.266300.268800.30
24 h5900.376500.2113000.579600.23
  1. Stock suspensions (2.56 mg/mL) were diluted to 100 μg/mL in different cell culture medium and, hydrodynamic sizes (Z-avg) and poly dispersity index (PDI) were measured directly and after 24 h