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Table 1 Outcome data from tables and figures from Beck et al. 1987.*

From: Analysis of particles from hamster lungs following pulmonary talc exposures: implications for pathogenicity

ParametersDay 1Day 4Day 7Day 14
BAL Cell Counts with 3.75 mg/100 g Body Weight Intra-tracheal (IT) Dose
 Macrophages (Cell Number per total lavage volume, × 106)Talc5.5 ± 0.3 (NS)10 (NS)8 (NS)10 (S)
Granite6.7 ± 1.0 (S)13 (S)13 (S)13 (S)
Control6.0 ± 0.56.566.2
 Neutrophils (Cell Number per total lavage volume, ×106)Talc11.7 ± 1.1 (S)4 (S)4 (S)4 (S)
Granite20 ± 2.8 (S)15 (S)4 (S)0.8 (S)
Control1.5 ±
BAL fluid Analyses with 3.75 mg/100 g Body Weight IT Dose
 Lactic Dehydrogenase (mU/ml Lavage fluid)Talc139 ± 15 (S)80 (S)65 (NS)55 (S)
Granite125 ± 7 (S)59 (S)43 (S2)37 (S2)
Control19 ± 1222521
 Peroxidase (mU/ml Lavage fluid)Talc210 ± 37 (S)N/AN/AN/A
Granite196 ± 36 (S)N/AN/AN/A
Control2 ± 2 ± 0.3N/AN/AN/A
ß-N-Acetyl Glucosaminidase (mU/ml Lavage fluid)Talc159 ± 9 (S)80 (S)82 (S)84 (S)
Granite187 ± 21 (S)40 (S)35 (S)30 (S5)
Control25 ± 6262328
 Albumin (μg/ml Lavage Fluid)Talc1380 ± 116 (S)N/AN/AN/A
Granite2130 ± 262 (S)N/AN/AN/A
Control66 ± 4N/AN/AN/A
In vivo Phagocytosis: Lambda assay uptake of labeled Particles after IT dust (3.75 mg/100 g Body Wt Dose)
 Lambda: Fraction of Radioactive Gold Particles PhagocytizedTalc0.46 ± 0.07 (S)0.56 (S)0.54 (S5)0.52 (S2)
Granite0.47 ± 0.10 (S)0.85 (S5)0.82 (NS)0.7 (NS)
Control0.66 ± 0.30.750.730.78
  1. * All data from figures are estimates of the means. When these data were also present in tables, the estimates were never more than 2% different from the numbers available in the tables; table data are shown if both were available. All data with distributions are shown as Mean ± SEM. N/A indicates data were not available from the Beck et al. paper. All statistical analyses are shown as p value of difference from control (C). NS indicates not significantly different from control. S indicates significantly different from control, S1p < 0.01 vs control. S2, p < 0.02 vs control, S5 p < 0.05 vs control