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Table 3 Measurements of birefringent particles or fibers found on BAL slides using polarized light microscopy shown as percentages of particles by greatest dimension (< 6 m or > 6 m) and all fibers having > 3:1 aspect ratio and parallel sides

From: Analysis of particles from hamster lungs following pulmonary talc exposures: implications for pathogenicity

 Talc Days after instillation Granite 
<  6 μm6 or > μmFibers <  6 μm6 or > μmFibers
  1. Note: Ten high power microscopic fields without artifacts were randomly chosen for analysis. Variations in the numbers of cells counted were because of different cell densities on the slides. Figs. 3 through 6 in the paper are presentations of various cell types with cell-associated birefringent particles