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Fig. 3

From: LiCoO2 particles used in Li-ion batteries induce primary mutagenicity in lung cells via their capacity to generate hydroxyl radicals

Fig. 3

Generation of hydroxyl radicals by LCO particles. EPR spectra (a) of [DMPO-HO]• adducts after incubation with 25 mg/ml LCO or LTO particles in the presence of H2O2 (0.2 M) under gentle agitation. Spectra were collected after 10, 30 and 60 min. Fluorescence intensity (b) recorded on the supernatant from 5 mg/ml WC-Co, LTO or LCO particles incubated 15 min (for WC-Co) or 30 min (for LCO and LTO) in a PBS solution of disodium TA (10 mM) with H2O2 (0.2 M) under gentle agitation, in absence (CAT-) or in presence of 3000 U/ml catalase (CAT+). Control (CTL) did not contain particles (N = 2, n = 4 for the control condition and n = 6 for all other conditions)

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