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Table 3 The interaction between TiO2 particles and LPS on mice

From: The combined effect of food additive titanium dioxide and lipopolysaccharide on mouse intestinal barrier function after chronic exposure of titanium dioxide-contained feedstuffs

Interaction between Exposure Time of TiO2 Parameters of
Intestinal permeability Tight junction proteins Villi height/crypt depth ratio Inflammatory biomarkers
DAO LPS D-lactate ZO-1 Occludin Duodenum Jejunum Ileum Serum Ileum
TiO2 NPs and LPS 1 month Ant. Ant. Ant. IL-1β (Ant.)
3 months Ant. Ant.
6 months
TiO2 MPs and LPS 1 month Ant. Ant.
3 months Syn. Syn.
6 months Ant.
  1. Note: 2*2 factorial design analysis. “-“, no interaction effects, p> 0.05. Syn.: synergistic effect (p< 0.05), Ant.: antagonistic effect (p< 0.05)