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Table 2 Main gut microbiota changes recorded after particulate matters, or DEP exposure in experimental mice

From: Diesel exhaust particles alter the profile and function of the gut microbiota upon subchronic oral administration in mice

  Sample α-diversity Firmicutes Bacteroidetes Verrucomicrobia Actinobacteria Cyanobacteria Lactobacillus GM function Toxicity
Kish et al. 2013 [25] faecal      ↓SCFAa  
Li et al. 2017 [27] caecal    ↑atherogenic lipids  
Mutlu et al. 2018 [22] caecal       
Wang et al. 2018 [23] faecal         Altered glucose metabolism
Li et al. 2019 [32] faecal         Colon inflammation, mucus depletion
Fitch et al. 2020 [33] ileal tissue       Altered intestinal integrity and inflammation
  1. a: acetic, propionic and butyric acids