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Table 1 Physiochemical characterization of the polymer used in the present study

From: Inflammogenic effect of polyacrylic acid in rat lung following intratracheal instillation

Name Polyacrylic acid Structural formula
CAS number   9003-01-04
Bulk Purity 100% (Benzene 0.5%)
  Molecular weight  
  Weight average molecular weight (MW) 6,490,000
  Viscosity average molecular weight (Mv) 3,000,000 (average)
  Cross-liking ~ 0.1%
  Appearance Solid, white powdered
  Odor None
Suspension *Secondary particle diameter 3.00 µm (median), 2.31 µm (mode)
  Hydrodynamic diameter 1.62 µm (average)
  **Effective density 1.08 (with solvent)
  ***Effective density 0.26 (without solvent)
Aerosol Mass median aerodynamic diameter 0.92 µm
  ****Effective density 1.43 g/mL
  1. *Secondary particle diameter: the particle diameter of agglomerate. Mode diameter: the most frequent particle size
  2. **The effective density (g/mL) (with solvent) ρEff_in dispersion with solv.\(=\frac{({\rho }_{poly} {V}_{poly}) +({\rho }_{solv} {V}_{solv})}{V_{total}}\)
  3. \(=\frac{\left(1.43 \times \frac{\pi }{6} {0.92}^{3}\right) + \left(1.00 \times \frac{\pi }{6} \left({1.62}^{3 }- {0.92}^{3}\right)\right)}{\frac{\pi }{6} {1.62}^{3}}\)
  4. \(=\) 1.08 g/mL
  5. here, ρEff in dispersion with solv.: effective density in dispersion with solvent, ρpoly: density of polymer (= effective density of polymer), ρsolv: density of solvent (= density of water), Vpoly: volume of polymer, Vsolv: volume of solvent), Vtotal: volume of swelled polymer (= Vpoly + Vsolv).
  6. ***The effective density (g/mL) (without solvent)
  7. ρEff_in dispersion without solv. \(=\) \(\frac{Mass\, concentration \,({\rm mg}/{\rm mL})}{Volume \,concentration \,({\rm mL}/{\rm mL})}\)
  8. \(=\) \(\frac{2.5}{9.52 \times {10}^{-3}}\)
  9. \(=\) 0.26 g/mL
  10. here, ρEff in dispersion without solv.: effective density in dispersion without solvent
  11. ****The effective density (g/mL) (aerosol)
  12. ρEff_aerosol \(=\) \(\frac{Mass \,concentration \,({\rm g}/{\rm m}^{3})}{Volume \,concentration \,({\rm mL}/{\rm mL})}\)
  13. \(=\frac{1.76 \times {10}^{-3} }{9. 52}\)
  14. \(=\) 1.43 g/mL
  15. here, ρEff aerosol.: effective density of aerosol