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Table 5 Signaling pathways of differentially expressed upregulated genes at 1 month after exposure to 1.0 mg-CL-PAA (p < 0.05 and gene counts 2)

From: Inflammogenic effect of polyacrylic acid in rat lung following intratracheal instillation

Category Term Count1 %2 p-value3 Benjamini4
KEGG_PATHWAY Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 31 5 7.00E−12 1.30E−09
KEGG_PATHWAY Chemokine signaling pathway 29 4.7 1.10E−11 1.30E−09
  1. 1“Count” means the number of genes involved in the term
  2. 2“%” means percentage of “involved genes”/“total genes”
  3. 3,4Fisher’s exact test and modified Fisher’s exact test is adopted to measure the gene-enrichment in annotation terms, respectively
  4. The total number of genes analyzed was 618 genes in this analysis