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Table 2 Metabolic pathways significantly affected in gut-liver axis of rats orally exposed to TiO2 NPs

From: Landscape of lipidomic metabolites in gut-liver axis of Sprague–Dawley rats after oral exposure to titanium dioxide nanoparticles

Sample Pathway name pa FDRb Impactc Hit metabolitesd
Liver Glycerophospholipid metabolism 0.042 1.000 0.139 PC (C00157)
Serum Glycerophospholipid metabolism 0.000 0.003 0.206 PC (C00157); LysoPC(18:1(9Z)) (C04230); GlyceroPC (C00670)
Feces Glycerophospholipid metabolism 0.000 0.036 0.164 PC (C00157); PS(16:0/16:0) (C02737)
  1. PC, Phosphatidylcholine; PS, Phosphatidylserine
  2. aPrimary p value of pathway enrichment analysis
  3. bThe p value was corrected by FDR
  4. cThe pathway impact was obtained by pathway topology analysis
  5. dName and KEGG ID of differential metabolites that hit the path