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Table 1 Mineralogical classification mineral particle samples

From: The importance of mineralogical composition for the cytotoxic and pro-inflammatory effects of mineral dust

Sample Mineralogical classification
Quartz Tectosilicates, quartz group
Na-feldspar Tectosilicates, feldspar group
K-feldspar Tectosilicates, feldspar group
Ca-feldspar Tectosilicates, feldspar group
Hornblende Inosilicates, amphibole group
Actinolite Inosilicates, amphibole group
Augite Inosilicates, pyroxene group
Orthopyroxene Inosilicates, pyroxene group
Biotite Phyllosilicates, mica group
Epidote Sorosilicates, epidote group