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Table 7 Similarity assessment between source (NRCWE006) and target (NM-401) MWCNTs as well as two MWCNTs for which the original grouping hypothesis was rejected

From: Grouping MWCNTs based on their similar potential to cause pulmonary hazard after inhalation: a case-study

  1. These two MWCNTs were used to assess the level of similarity required to support grouping and read-across (NM-403, NRCWE040) MWCNT. Data matrix tables were constructed and populated with relevant data from the literature to conduct the pairwise similarity assessment including basic PC characterisation, the endpoints specified by the IATA and hazard assessment endpoints related to reactivity, inflammation and genotoxicity. *For composition: impurities where the contaminant was below the level of detection for the source NRCWE006, the measured value for each target MWCNT is included (% wt, Additional File 8, Table S6).Green box: fold-difference < 2, MWCNT considered similar, yellow box: fold-difference > 2, judgement of similarity requires further consideration, red box: fold-difference > 2 MWCNT considered not similar