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Table 1 The identified bio-coronas on M/NPs

From: Coronas of micro/nano plastics: a key determinant in their risk assessments

Bio-corona composition Source M/NPs References
Proteins Physiological fluid of Daphnia magna PS–NH2 [163]
Proteins Cell culture medium for 24 h PS [190]
Mucin Mucous layer in lung epithelial PS@Bap NPs [194]
MgC1q6 protein Serum soluble components PS–NH2 [191]
Carbohydrates and Proteins EPS from marine diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum PS–COOH [192]
Lipids and Proteins Alveolar fluid PS PET PP PE PVC [195]
Biofilm consist of nitrogen– and sulfur–related substances Staphylococcus aureus Nontreated and amino acid–treated plastic traces [196]
Nucleic acids Coral microbiome PE PP PS PVC [197]
Toxins and ARGs Bacteria PE PP [198,199,200]