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Table 2 Concentration of Pb (ng/g) in organs following 11 weeks of PbO NP inhalation

From: Macrophage-mediated tissue response evoked by subchronic inhalation of lead oxide nanoparticles is associated with the alteration of phospholipases C and cholesterol transporters

   ctr PbO
Lung Range  < LOD* 2463–4432
Mean 3393
SD 733
Liver Range  < LOD* 667–1281
Mean 937
SD 222
Kidney Range  < LOD* 2679–4592
Mean 3502
SD 693
Spleen Range  < LOD* 512–1914
Mean 973
SD 551
  1. Mean value is labelled by bold
  2. Comparison of lead concentration in the lung, liver, kidney, and spleen in control and PbO NP inhaling animals. Limit of detection in the lung, liver, kidney, and spleen was 75, 13, 84, and 117 ng/g Pb, respectively