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Table 3 Characterization of generated PbO NPs (2nd experiment)

From: Macrophage-mediated tissue response evoked by subchronic inhalation of lead oxide nanoparticles is associated with the alteration of phospholipases C and cholesterol transporters

Characterization of PbO NPs PbO
Number concentration 1.64 × 106 NPs/cm3
Surface area 6.14 × 109 nm2/cm3
Mode 31.1 nm
Geometric mean diameter 26.6 nm
Geometric standard deviation 1.70
Mass concentration 75.5 µg PbO/m3
Estimated deposited dose (after 9 w) 0.697 µg PbO/g
Estimated deposited dose (after 6 w) 0.465 µg PbO/g