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Table 4 Characteristics of the inhaled AuNP aerosol

From: Cellular uptake and localization of inhaled gold nanoparticles in lungs of mice with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Parameter Value
Aerosol concentration (p/cm3 ), continuously measured and averaged over the entire study time; subsequent averaging of data over all inhalation periods 1.28 ± 0.08 × 107
Inhalation period (min), experimentally set 120
Tidal volume (cm3 ), estimated from pneumotachograph signals 0.18
Breathing frequency (1/min), experimentally set 120
Minute volume (cm3 /min), calculated from data above 21.6
Inhaled volume (L/120 min), calculated from data above 2.6
Deposition fraction, based on MPPD model 0.4
CMD of AuNP (nm)/GSD, measured continuously as described in text and averaged over all inhalation periods 21/1.6
Number of AuNP inhaled, calculated from data above 3.3 × 1010
Number of AuNP deposited in lungs, calculated from data above 1.3 × 1010
  1. MPPD, multiple-path particle dosimetry (computational model to estimate human and rodent particle dosimetry). CMD, count median diameter; GSD, geometric standard deviation.