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Figure 9 | Particle and Fibre Toxicology

Figure 9

From: Biodistribution and toxicity of pegylated single wall carbon nanotubes in pregnant mice

Figure 9

Analysis of the biodistribution of PEG-SWCNT-750 in the uterus, placenta, fetus and fetal membranes. A: at 6.5 dpc isolated uteri from dams exposed at 5.5 dpc to PEG-SWCNT-750 showed fluorescence in correspondence of the implanted embryos (c, arrows). No fluorescence was recorded in uteri collected from females exposed to either PBS or Seta750 (a and b, respectively). B: fluorescence recorded in uteri collected from dams at 15.5 dpc that were either exposed to PBS (left) or PEG-SWCNT-750 (right) at day 14.5 of gestation. C and D: 15.5 dpc isolated placentas from mice administered with PBS (left) or PEG-SWCNT-750 (right) with maternal (C) or fetal (D) side facing up. E and F: 15.5 dpc fetal membranes (E) and fetuses (F) from PBS (left) or PEG-SWCNT-750 (right) treated dams.

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