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Table 5 Significantly enriched pathways from the microarray data

From: Effect of aerosol particles generated by ultrasonic humidifiers on the lung in mouse

Pathway Enrichment factor P-value
CENP-A NAC-CAD complex (MIPS) 16.2 <0.001
PLK1 pathway (PID) 6.85 <0.001
Asthma (KEGG) 12.1 0.002
Cell adhesion molecules (KEGG) 3.53 0.002
Viral myocarditis (KEGG) 4.31 0.003
Allograft rejection (KEGG) 5.94 0.004
Mitotic prometaphase (Reactome) 3.66 0.006
Autoimmune thyroid disease (KEGG) 5.40 0.006
Graft versus host disease (KEGG) 5.40 0.006
GA13_PATHWAY (STKE) 5.24 0.007
Antigen processing and presentation (KEGG) 3.98 0.008
Type I Diabetes Mellitus (KEGG) 4.95 0.008
  1. Contributors for curation: KEGG, KEGG: Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes; MIPS, MIPS database from CORUM (the Comprehensive Resource of Mammalian protein complexes); PID, Pathway Interaction Database (National Cancer Institute and Nature Publishing Group); STKE, Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment.