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Figure 7

From: Tissue distribution and elimination after oral and intravenous administration of different titanium dioxide nanoparticles in rats

Figure 7

IV study: Organ distribution of Ti as percentage of administered dose at 24 h after the last dosing after single (i.e. Day 2) and repeated (i.e. Day 6) IV dosing with NM-100, NM-102, NM-103, and NM-104 in male rats. (LOD: 0.05 μg/g). left: liver, spleen and lung, right: kidney, heart, brain, thymus, blood and testes. NM-100: brain (single exposure) < LOD. NM-102: brain (single exposure) < LOD. NM-103: blood and testis (all single exposure) < LOD. NM-104: brain, blood and testis (all single exposure) < LOD.

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