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Figure 5 | Particle and Fibre Toxicology

Figure 5

From: Sub-chronic toxicity study in rats orally exposed to nanostructured silica

Figure 5

Histological images of livers from animals treated with SAS or NM-202 for 28 or 84 days. (A, B) Light microscopic images of an inflammatory granuloma after 84-days of exposure for (A) SAS high dose (magnification: 200x), and (B) NM-202 high dose (magnification: 200x). (C) Apoptosis after 28-days of exposure (SAS low dose, H&E staining; magnification: 200x), and (D) apoptosis after 28-days of exposure (NM-202 high dose; immunohistochemically stained apoptosis; magnification: 200x). (E) Necrosis after 28-days of exposure (NM-202 medium dose; magnification: 25x), and (F, G) fibrosis after 84-days of exposure to the (F) SAS high dose (magnification 100x), and (G) NM-202 high dose (magnification 100x).

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