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Table 1 Fine and ultrafine test particles used in the study together with their physical properties, such as count median diameter and specific surface area. Elemental carbon particles (EC90) were prepared in own laboratory (GSF-IHB, [46]).

From: Ultrafine particles cause cytoskeletal dysfunctions in macrophages: role of intracellular calcium

Material type Diameter Specific surface area Source
Printex90 (carbon, P90) 12 nm 300 m2/g Degussa
Elemental carbon (EC90) 90 nm+ 600 m2/g GSF-IHB
Diesel exhaust particles (DEP) 120 nm 108 m2/g NIST*
Urban dust (UD) 1.5 μ m ≈ 1 m2/g++ NIST*
  1. + size of the airborne agglomerates; primary particles are expected to be < 10 nm [46].
  2. * National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Washington, USA [47, 48].
  3. ++estimated from other PM2.5 ([49])