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Figure 7

From: Physicochemical characteristics and bronchial epithelial cell cytotoxicity of Folpan 80 WG® and Myco 500®, two commercial forms of folpet

Figure 7

Cytotoxic effect on 16HBE14o-cells after 24 h exposure. The 16HBE14o-cells were exposed to Folpan 80WG® (n = 31), vehicles of Folpan 80WG® (n = 6), Myco 500® (n = 15), phthalimide (n = 9), phthalamic acid (n = 9) and phthalic acid (n = 3) and micronic titanium dioxide (n = 3) during 24 h. A neutral red release assay was performed to quantify viable cells. The proportion of dead cells was calculated using the formula (100 - (Absorbance540 nm–630 nm drug-treated sample × 100/Absorbance540 nm–630 nm control sample)) and is expressed as mean ± se.

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