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Figure 4

From: Synchrotron soft X-ray imaging and fluorescence microscopy reveal novel features of asbestos body morphology and composition in human lung tissues

Figure 4

Soft X-ray microscopy and XRF analyses of asbestos and ferruginous bodies in human lung tissue. Panel A: visible light image of the analysed asbestos body. Panel B and C: phase contrast (B) and absorption (C) images respectively acquired at photon energy of 1.3 keV (50 × 50 μm2 size, 10 ms dwell time, 250 nm spot size). Other panels (50 × 50 μm2, 7 s/pixel dwell time, 500 nm spot size): XRF maps acquired on the region showed in panel C, at 1.3 keV (Fe and O) and at 1.93 keV (Mg and Si). Panel Si-Fe: colocalization of Si (in green) and Fe (in red). Panel Fe-O: colocaliz ation of Fe (in green) and O (in red). Panel D and E: XRF spectra acquired in points a, b and c (see panel B) at 1.3 keV (D) and 2 keV (E) with 175 s acquisition time.

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