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Table 4 Pathways significantly deregulated after EOM-treatment of HEL 12469 cells as identified by Goeman's global test

From: Global gene expression changes in human embryonic lung fibroblasts induced by organic extracts from respirable air particles

ID KEGG pathway Ostrava-Bartovice Ostrava-Poruba Karvina Trebon
   Adj. p-value*
980 Metabolism of xenobiotics by cytochrome P450 4.06E-04 2.97E-05 4.71E-04 1.70E-03
4270 Vascular smooth muscle contraction 3.08E-04 2.06E-03 1.09E-01 2.41E-03
4310 Wnt signaling pathway 5.14E-03 1.32E-04 7.07E-03 2.88E-03
30 Pentose phosphate pathway 5.64E-03 8.84E-03 1.27E-01 3.19E-02
140 Steroid hormone biosynthesis 1.03E-02 2.58E-03 4.29E-03 3.37E-02
2010 ABC transporters 1.17E-02 1.86E-03 3.51E-02 4.34E-03
561 Glycerolipid metabolism 1.50E-02 2.63E-03 4.38E-02 5.03E-03
770 Pantothenate and CoA biosynthesis 1.64E-02 4.78E-02 3.68E-02 1.46E-01
4540 Gap junction 1.80E-02 3.50E-02 8.14E-02 3.63E-02
4350 TGF-beta signaling pathway 1.84E-02 3.07E-02 3.09E-02 1.29E-02
4115 p53 signaling pathway 2.39E-02 1.70E-01 2.74E-01 7.77E-02
520 Amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism 2.58E-02 6.46E-03 1.22E-01 9.54E-02
600 Sphingolipid metabolism 2.63E-02 2.72E-01 8.92E-02 3.45E-02
52 Galactose metabolism 2.63E-02 1.97E-02 1.86E-01 7.77E-02
620 Pyruvate metabolism 2.89E-02 2.68E-02 1.00E+00 4.05E-02
982 Drug metabolism - cytochrome P450 3.01E-02 9.84E-05 1.49E-03 9.04E-02
480 Glutathione metabolism 3.08E-02 2.13E-03 7.91E-03 6.30E-02
72 Synthesis and degradation of ketone bodies 3.83E-02 2.10E-01 2.74E-01 1.00E+00
4340 Hedgehog signaling pathway 5.23E-02 2.22E-03 5.75E-02 4.33E-02
5217 Basal cell carcinoma 5.06E-02 5.04E-03 4.86E-02 5.16E-02
40 Pentose and glucuronate interconversions 6.10E-02 5.70E-03 1.59E-01 6.37E-02
4142 Lysosome 7.53E-02 5.78E-03 4.30E-01 7.05E-02
565 Ether lipid metabolism 5.47E-02 1.23E-02 1.52E-02 1.38E-02
4614 Renin-angiotensin system 5.43E-02 1.33E-02 1.22E-01 6.17E-01
590 Arachidonic acid metabolism 5.71E-02 1.97E-02 7.05E-02 4.70E-02
4744 Phototransduction 1.56E-01 2.07E-02 4.15E-01 2.22E-02
511 Other glycan degradation 1.09E-01 2.64E-02 5.96E-01 7.55E-02
4610 Complement and coagulation cascades 1.15E-01 2.85E-02 9.83E-01 4.56E-01
5222 Small cell lung cancer 1.48E-01 3.07E-02 4.63E-01 7.55E-02
4612 Antigen processing and presentation 4.26E-01 3.35E-02 5.52E-01 2.08E-01
5140 Leishmaniasis 1.18E-01 3.58E-02 2.20E-01 5.18E-02
4145 Phagosome 5.26E-02 4.38E-02 1.00E+00 1.16E-01
564 Glycerophospholipid metabolism 3.80E-01 1.08E-01 7.85E-01 6.10E-03
4730 Long-term depression 2.77E-01 4.64E-01 1.00E+00 7.49E-03
  1. KEGG pathways deregulated in all localities are in bold. PM2.5 samples were collected in 4 localities of the Czech Republic, and extractable organic matters (EOMs) were prepared as described in Materials and Methods.
  2. *The procedure of Holm for control of the family-wise error rate [62].