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Table 3 First volumetric approach to derive a NOAEC in rats (3rd paragraph of the section on lung overload on page 181 in Pauluhn [14]), all data are relative to a rat mass of 1 kg

From: Translational toxicology in setting occupational exposure limits for dusts and hazard classification – a critical evaluation of a recent approach to translate dust overload findings from rats to humans

Ventilation volume per day Dead space fraction Alveolar ventilation volume per day Critical particle alveolar volume per day Critical particle volume concentration in the alveolar space Dust deposition fraction in the head and in the tracheo-bronchial region Critical particle volume concentration in the inhaled air: NOAEC
0.29 m3 1/3 0.19 m3 0.069 μl 0.36 μl/m3 1/3 0.54 μl/m3
   =   =   =
   2(0.29)/3 m3   0.069 μl/0.19 m3   3(0.36)/2 μl/m3
   Dead space correction Output Fortran program   Setting the “inhalability adjustment” off in MPPD 2.0* Correction for the dust deposition in head and tracheo-bronchial region
  1. *Input data to MPPD V2.0: MMAD = 1.8 μm, GSD = 2, density = 1 g/cm3; particle characteristics according to Pauluhn [14], all other MPPD input parameters as listed in the MAK document ([11], p. 57,58 and Appendix).