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Fig. 4

From: Lung inflammation and lack of genotoxicity in the comet and micronucleus assays of industrial multiwalled carbon nanotubes Graphistrength© C100 after a 90-day nose-only inhalation exposure of rats

Fig. 4

Graphical representation of the design of the 5-day exposure/28-day recovery and 90-day exposure/90-day recovery studies. Abbreviations: balf: bronchoalveolar lavage fluid; bp: blood pressure; cbf: clinical signs, body weight and food consumption; gt: genotoxicity tests (comet and micronucleus assays); hcu: hematology, blood chemistry and urinalysis; fob: functional observation battery; pa: pathology (organ weight, macroscopic and microscopic observations); op: ophthalmology; sp: sperm analysis; vs: vaginal smears

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