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Fig. 6

From: Impact of nanosilver on various DNA lesions and HPRT gene mutations – effects of charge and surface coating

Fig. 6

Effects of surface charge and surface coating on Ag ENMs genotoxicity in TK6 cells. DNA damage (strand breaks and oxidised DNA lesions expressed as Net FPG) measured by the Comet assay in TK6 cells exposed to six different Ag ENMs for 2 h Data are presented as mean values ± SD. P values indicate statistically significant results; *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001. NC – negative control; PC – positive control (strand breaks: H2O2: 50 μM, 5 min, in ice, Net FPG: Ro19-8022: 1 μM, plus visible light, 5 min, in ice); SC – stabilizer control (concentration of stabilizer is equivalent to the concentration of stabilizer in Ag ENMs 2.5 μg/cm2). x –level of DNA damage could not be fully evaluated, due to strong cytotoxicity

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