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Fig. 4

From: Atomic layer deposition coating of carbon nanotubes with zinc oxide causes acute phase immune responses in human monocytes in vitro and in mice after pulmonary exposure

Fig. 4

Cell counts in the BALF of mice exposed to U-MWCNTs or Z-MWCNTs. a The total cell concentration was significantly increased one day after exposure to Z-MWCNT as compared to control and U-MWCNT exposed mice, b A significant increase in total cell concentration was also seen at 28 days for U-MWCNTs and Z-MWCNTs. c After exposure to Z-MWCNTs, macrophages and neutrophils were significantly increased as compared to control. d Elevated levels of macrophages were seen 28 days after U-MWCNT exposure. Macrophages and neutrophils were still elevated 28 days after Z-MWCNT exposure. The number of animals per group at one day was: Control (3), U-MWCNT (4), Z-MWCNT (4) and at 28 days was: Control (4), U-MWCNT (5), Z-MWCNT (3). Significance is represented as * as compared to the control and # as compared to U-MWCNT, * denotes P < 0.05, ** or ## denotes P < 0.01, and *** denotes P < 0.001

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