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Table 1 Copper oxide nanoparticle properties including source of material, surface charge in water and in cell culture medium (CCM), and size determined by DLS in water and in CCM, and by transmission electron microscope micrographs

From: Copper oxide nanoparticle toxicity profiling using untargeted metabolomics

Properties CuO NPs
Source Intrinsiq
Zeta potential in water (mV) +35.9 ± 1.3
Zeta potential in CCM (mV) −10.5 ± 0.1
Size (determined by DLS) in water (d.nm) (Z-av.) 172.0 ± 7.6 (PDI 0.188)
Size (determined by DLS) in CCM (d.nm) (Z-av.) 214.2 ± 14.8 (PDI 0.507)
TEM size (nm) 28.2 ± 13.7