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Fig. 3

From: Silica nanoparticles trigger the vascular endothelial dysfunction and prethrombotic state via miR-451 directly regulating the IL6R signaling pathway

Fig. 3

Histopathological and ultrastructural changes of vascular endothelium exposed to SiNPs. Results from the ultrastructure analysis showed that the ultrastructure of endothelial cells and basal membrane were integrated in control group (a) and 1.8 mg/kg·bw group (b). Local vacuolation of endothelial cells and the dissolution of nuclei were observed in 5.4 mg/kg·bw group (c). Swollen of mitochondria and the exfoliative endothelial cells were observed in 16.2 mg/kg·bw group (d). Morphology of aortic arch was normal in both control group (e) and 1.8 mg/kg·bw group (f), whereas inflammatory cells and edema appeared in 5.4 mg/kg·bw group (g) and 16.2 mg/kg·bw group (h)

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