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Table 3 Comparison of significant pathways from the RNA-seq dataset using gene set tests on GSE14288, a microarray analysis of mouse neonatal cardiomyocytes overexpressing CHF1/Hey2 and treated with serum to induce hypertrophy. The # Genes column reflects the number of genes in the microarray data that were tested, and the FDR is the Benjamini-Hochberg adjusted p-value for the test that, on average, the genes in the set are differentially expressed

From: In utero exposure to diesel exhaust is associated with alterations in neonatal cardiomyocyte transcription, DNA methylation and metabolic perturbation

Ingenuity Canonical Pathway # Genes FDR
Mitochondrial L-carnitine Shuttle Pathway 11 5.92E-06
Fatty Acid β-oxidation 23 6.26E-15
AMPK Signaling 566 1.02E-23
Cell Cycle Control of Chromosomal Replication 48 4.64E-16
LPS/IL-1 Mediated Inhibition of RXR Function 169 2.31E-30
GADD45 Signaling 24 1.00E-08
Hepatic Fibrosis/Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation 179 3.68E-20
Ketogenesis 8 1.46E-06
Estrogen-mediated S-phase Entry 44 1.01E-19
Oleate Biosynthesis II (Animals) 8 3.56E-06