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Fig. 1

From: Quantitative biokinetics over a 28 day period of freshly generated, pristine, 20 nm titanium dioxide nanoparticle aerosols in healthy adult rats after a single two-hour inhalation exposure

Fig. 1

Fractional retention of intratracheally inhaled [48V]TiO2-NP in the total lungs and lavaged lungs between 1 h and 28 days p.e. Besides lung retention data, recoveries in BALC, BALF and in the trachea sample (trachea with main bronchi) are also presented. Panel a: linear y-axis for lung retention and BALC; panel b: logarithmic y-axis for BALF and in the trachea sample. The data are given as fractions of IPLD; i.e. corrected for fast [48V]TiO2-NP clearance from airways (MCC); the mean IPLD in mass (number) of [48V]TiO2-NP of all five retention time points is 1.01 ± 0.55 μg (2.67 ± 1.16•1010 #). Fractional data are given as mean ± SEM, n = 4 rats/time point. Data in both panels are corrected for [48V]TiO2-NP retained in the residual blood volume of the lungs. Statistical one-way ANOVA analysis with the post-hoc Bonferoni test in between all time points are given in the table below

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