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Table 2 Enriched cellular, molecular and phenotypes associated with the MWCNT-induced peptidome

From: Nanoparticle exposure driven circulating bioactive peptidome causes systemic inflammation and vascular dysfunction

Category ID Name q-value #Hits
Extracellular matrix related
 CellCompa GO:0005615 Extracellular space 4.15E-08 23
 Pathwayb M5889 Genes encoding ECM and ECM-associated proteins 5.048E-6 20
 BioProcessc GO:0030198 Extracellular matrix organization 3.174E-09 15
Cardiovascular change related
 MPhenotyped MP:0002127 Abnormal cardiovascular system morphology 0.01783 24
 BioProcessc GO:0072358 Cardiovascular system development 1.503E-5 18
Immuno-inflammatory response related
 BioProcessc GO:0006955 Immune response 0.02223 14
 Pathwayb 1269203 Innate immune system 0.007017 16
Receptor binding related
 MolFune GO:0005102 Receptor binding 0.002014 17
 Exosome related
 CellCompa GO:0070062 Extracellular exosome 4.43E-05 29
  1. Enrichment assessed in association with the following ontology database categories:
  2. acellular component
  3. bmolecular pathway
  4. cbiological process
  5. dmouse phenotype
  6. emolecular function