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Table 2 Summary of behavioral testing results

From: Selective memory and behavioral alterations after ambient ultrafine particulate matter exposure in aged 3xTgAD Alzheimer’s disease mice

Behavioral measureResults
Locomotor Activity TestingNo change
RAM: Spatial LearningHUCAPS ↓ learning
3xTgAD ↓ learning rate
RAM: Working Memory3xTgAD ↑ working memory error rate
RAM: Reference MemoryHUCAPS ↑ reference memory errors
NOR: Session 2HUCAPS & 3xTgAD impaired short-term memory
Progressive Ratio ScheduleHUCAPS altered motivation in genotype-dependent manner
Olfactory discriminationRatio-dependent 3xTgAD deficits in olfactory discrimination
HUCAPS improved olfactory discrimination in NTg and worsened discrimination in 3xTgAD mice