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Table 3 Incidences of liver MT with internalized CeO2 and TiO2 NM at 3 weeks

From: Assessment of nanomaterial-induced hepatotoxicity using a 3D human primary multi-cellular microtissue exposed repeatedly over 21 days - the suitability of the in vitro system as an in vivo surrogate

MT exposureRepresentative image in Fig. 4MT with internalized NMsNotes
Negative controla(1)/13Small agglomerate detected in one of the 13 MT investigated. Due to the fact, that the material was not present in any of the other sections, it is considered as an artefact.
TiO2–1.25 μg/mlb5/5 
TiO2–5 μg/ml 2/2 
CeO2–1.25 μg/mlc8/8 
CeO2–5 μg/mld8/8